Re-thinking Kintsugi

I heard about broken pottery repaired with gold

from my counselor who told me to pray on it.

The Japanese art of taking shards of vessels 

and melding them back together gave me hope,

for myself. At first. But where do I find the 

gold? Who can afford it these days? Is not part 

of the reason I am broken in the first place 

due to lack of gold?

So I pray on it and come up with this:

go to Michael’s buy epoxy and filler 

and gold paint. Call the process Tintsugi 

and when I am glazed over and repaired

I will fill my cup with hot Japanese tea ,

sit back, sip, admire the little scar line cracks

in the pottery, sip again, and finally bask 

in my own goldless resilience.

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