Vindictive man with the silver sedan

The wind whipped the door of the truck rental open and knicked your car. I didn’t think it caused damage. I left and the police advised me upon my return that indeed it did. A small scrape on your five year old transportation mode.

An exchange of insurance cards was not enough. Liability coverage that paid for the damage was not enough. Your relatives, sitting in their vehicle blocking my old car, menacing in silence, a very fat middle aged lady was not enough.

You reported a concern to the DMV for my ability to drive due to my “illness”. The DMV medical review department accepts such lies by vindictive sorts like you. They do not have to divulge the person who made the report. But I am now required to have a doctor fill out a report of my fitness to drive. All because the wind caught the door of the truck rental and it knicked the side panel of your gray five year old Buick. Actually, Im going to the doctor anyways for a regular check up, renewal of blood pressure meds. No illness, even in the age of covid.

You work at one of the big box home improvement stores. You saw on camera that the wind caught the truck door. The scratch bothers you. It chafes to the point that you are willing to commit fraud to sign your name to a “concerned citizen” in order to feel better? Hmm. Does vindictiveness make you feel better? You don’t know me. You don’t know that I will file a complaint with the DMV, get a copy of the police report., file a Freedom of Information request to get a copy of the form that you filed with your “concerns”. You do not know my oldest son is graduating from law school in a few weeks. You don’t know from where he gets his sense of justice. You don’t know, but you will know that vindictiveness via a DMV complaint form won’t work. You will have to try other methods after you are through defending yourself in a lawsuit, little , but significant, from which you will hopefully, learn not to lie, not to be vindictive toward middle aged old ladies. As for the practice of allowing such pseudo anonymous complaints, the state must learn too, that this practice is wrong.



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