An Appeal to Save Life on Earth: forget SETI


    So, our planet is undergoing it’s sixth major mass extinction, and there is a large array in
the desert searching for other life in the universe.  Why is it that we care about life in other parts of the universe but we could give a rat’s butt about life on our own planet?  I’m so confused.  Coral reefs which contain such abundant, extraordinarily beautiful, awesome creatures are bleached and dying throughout the world.  In fifty years polar bears will be found at zoos and in the combined  DNA of grizzlies but nowhere else.   But, there is a large array in the desert searching for intelligent life outside our planet.  Well, perhaps on the other hand that’s not a bad idea to search for intelligent life elsewhere, because we are certainly not finding it here, except in rare instances.  One such rare intelligence is a man by the name of E.O. Wilson. 

He says:


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